One More Wear Foundation

The One More Wear Foundation accepts donated clothing for youth and young adults who are struggling with poverty in the Greater Toronto Area. We contribute to improving the lives and opportunities of young men and women by providing accessible clothing for employment and enjoyment. Our fashion consultants assist youth to not only look impressive, but to feel confident so that they can find employment or pursue other social, artistic, and academic goals. The One More Wear Foundation also offers meaningful job-training seminars and career building workshops for youth. We strive to build community resilience in the face of today’s trying economic climate.

Floating Fact: While Toronto scores high on many quality of life measures, it remains the “child poverty capital of Canada.” One in four children in Toronto is being raised in poverty, a number that has remained fairly consistent for the past two decades.

Jason Miller

Jason Miller is the Executive Director and founder of The One More Wear Foundation. With years of community development experience, this award-winning Social Work graduate has a gift for connecting and engaging the youth of Toronto. Jason developed the concept of One More Wear by combining his passion for fashion with his strong interests in community service. With dedication and enthusiasm, Jason strives towards greater social equity by supporting today’s youth through the economic challenges they face. Empowering young people through clothing and fashion to promote creativity and self-expression is what One More Wear and Jason Miller stand for.

Andrew Miller

Award-winning writer, world-class media personality and communications specialist, Andrew Miller is the epitome of the term “self made”. Journalism graduate turned director of communications of his own publication, Andrew Miller has created his own lane while connecting with major corporations such as Microsoft, Xbox and Canada Goose. Co-founder and Director of Media Relations at One More Wear, Andrew is a firm believer in connecting with the community in order to enhance it.

The One More Wear Foundation is a youth inspired not-for-profit organization whose mission is to:

  • Provide youth in need with stylish, relevant and professional apparel in order to boost their confidence, improve their projected image in their professional advancement.
  • Outfit Canadian youth and youth who are new to Canada with seasonally appropriate clothing for employment and enjoyment.
  • Educate youth on the impact and importance of one’s professional image.
  • Outfit poverty stricken youth in the GTA with appropriate clothing in order to aid in their transition towards employment and self-sufficiency.
  • Develop and maintain professionalism amongst youth by strengthening their job searching and interview skills.
  • Assist in minimizing peer pressure and conflicts within schools and communities, which are sparked by apparel trends set by celebrities and media outlets.
  • Contribute to removing the stigma often associated with second-hand clothing.
  • Promote the economical and environmental benefits of re-using clothing as an alternative to the excessive consumption and unethical production associated with new items.
  • Empower youth through clothing and fashion to promote creativity and self-expression, thus encouraging the talent and self-esteem of youth in the GTA. Edit "Our Story" Edit with Visual Composer